Bishop Whittemore Foundation

The Bishop Whittemore Foundation seeks to strengthen our ability to be a visible presence in our communities and the world. The Foundation supports new ministries, building and accessibility projects, and grant funding. Since its inception in the 1950s, the foundation has made a grant to every single congregation in the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan.




The Rt. Rev. Lewis Bliss Whittemore was the third bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan serving 1937-1953.

Bishop Whittemore was a talented administrator and gifted pastor, bringing the diocese out of a period of financial instability and laying the foundation for growth and advancement over the next several decades.

Among his many notable accomplishments was the publication of the first diocesan newspaper, “The Bishop’s News Letter”, the designation of St. Mark’s, Grand Rapids as the diocesan Cathedral, advocating for fair treatment and consideration of those with mental illness, and the development of a robust Department of Christian Education.

“The great issues facing the world today are fundamentally spiritual issues. They can only be solved when the heart is touched by the love of God and life interpreted in terms of Jesus Christ.”
– The Rt. Rev. Lewis B. Whittemore III Western Michigan 1937-1953


As  President of the Bishop Whittemore Foundation, I  welcome you to the  Foundation’s web page.  The Trustees of the Foundation, representing multiple parishes throughout  the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan, are proud to continue the legacy of the Rt. Reverend Louis Bliss Whittemore, the third bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan.  As you will see from this site, the Foundation actively supports and encourages growth and advancement of  the diocese and its parishes and parishioners.  We encourage your application for grants or loans to assist worthy and viable capital projects and programming.  We also ask for your prayerful support and financial contributions to permit us to continue the good work of the Foundation.  Feel free to contact the undersigned or any Trustee with questions or comments you may have.

Robert D. Brower, President of the Bishop Whittemore Foundation


Each year, the congregations of the diocese celebrate Bishop Whittemore Sunday – recognizing the life of Bishop Whittemore and the work of the foundation. Through special collections during the regular Sunday service, congregations help to support the work of the foundation and its work within the lives of all Western Michigan Episcopalians.

Checks may be made out to the Whittemore Foundation and sent to PO Box 6724, Grand Rapids, MI 49516.



The Bishop Whittemore Foundation is a separate organization from the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan. Please contact them by email at with any questions about the granting process.